Berkshire: Britain's Best

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While this county boasts excellent transport links to the capital and is known for its benefits to commuters, Berkshire also has a whole host of fantastic features to enjoy and take advantage of as a resident. From sensational scenery to being known as a royal county, the area exudes an elegance that is unique to any other London Borough and gives you a, perhaps unexpected, whole other view of the outer London area.

It’s not always easy to keep your cool when you are surrounded by the towering metropolis all day and the density of people can often feel a little suffocating. Berkshire offers its commuters a quiet, tranquil escape to come home to once you have had enough of the slightly overcrowded public transport and the copious amounts of hot and sweaty humans. The distinctive lush rolling hills and babbling whispers of the Thames skirting this county makes Berkshire the perfect residence for anyone in need of a little peace and quiet.


Fit for Royalty

With an abundance of quaint villages that embrace the flavour of the countryside and hidden gems on every corner, Berkshire is renowned for its character and charm that is hosted by the older areas of the borough. The quirky village of Pangbourne is certainly worth a visit, being the home town of Kate Middleton, the duchess of Cambridge and the inspiration to many poets and novelists such as Kenneth Grahame and Jerome K. Jerome. With its picturesque views, authentic English pubs and the prestigious St. Andrews school, Pangbourne encompasses the best of British culture and holds a rich and interesting history.

Berkshire is also home to Windsor Castle giving you endless stretches of rose gardens, decadent grounds and buttercup meadows to wander on the weekend. Certainly fit for royalty, this county is also home to what you might know as Downton Abbey. It’s real name, Highclere Castle is open for events and its dazzling architecture will no doubt overwhelm you, should you decide to take a wander up to this staggering stately home.


Properties for Sale in Berkshire

A county that also embraces a whole variety of life, culture and arts, Berkshire hosts the vibrant Reading Festival every year as well as the world-renowned Ascot Horse Races, with a slightly different dress code. In addition to this they also have an exciting nightlife that may be a little quieter than a big bash in London but will certainly cost you less in the taxi home.

So, if you’re looking for somewhere with dreamy landscapes, the charm of the English countryside but still only a few stops from the heart of the capital, then Berkshire should definitely be on your radar when it comes to house hunting.

Find properties for sale in Berkshire