Affordable and Unique Christmas Decor Ideas

Affordable and Unique Christmas Decor Ideas

We’ve put together some top tips for creating a cosy Christmas wonderland at home.

Wrap your front door in ribbon

This simple but effective trend simply requires a ribbon. Just cross two lengths of ribbon, a smaller strip to place horizontally across, and a full-length vertical piece. It’s easy to do and easy to remove once the season is over. A wreath can also be added as a bit of extra Christmas flare.

Make a Christmas card tree

Countless numbers of Christmas cards arrive each year, and it’s hard to know where to display them all. Arrange chosen cards in a Christmas tree shape for a festive look, and to have special cards from family and friends on show.

Use a planter as a tree stand for a pop of colour

A planter will not only heighten a tree but add a pop of colour to the room. Be creative with the pattern, colours and size. An inexpensive option is to repurpose something used already for other plants, or a storage basket.

Incorporate non-traditional colours

Bring summer decor into winter with colourful candles, table decorations and floral arrangements. A pop of yellow or orange will bring some sunshine into any home during the winter months, while adding a unique twist to a traditional display. 

Stock up and decorate a Christmas bar cart

Be prepared for hosting responsibilities by stocking up a bar cart, or bar area. Accessorize with greenery and glassware - it’s a great way to display smaller decorations that don’t have a home.

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