April Gardening Tips

April Gardening Tips

Springtime garden preparation


With the busiest gardening month just around the corner, we thought it was high time to start planning a to do list. Here’s a round-up of our essential gardening tips this April.


Feed the soil

In order to grow healthy plants, it’s advisable to use a natural and organic compost. Before applying, make sure all compost has been turned and aerated. When applying, spread the compost in a 5cm layer around perennials, trees and shrubs.


Look after the lawn

Now’s the time to grow a new lawn from scratch, or repair any bare patches of an existing lawn. To start, sow lawn seed on the soil and keep the area moist while the seed germinates. If the lawn needs a boost, then a high-nitrogen fertiliser. Its also important to aerate compact areas with a garden fork, to allow the grass to breathe.


Sow some seeds

As spring gets underway, it’s good to start sowing early harvest crops, such as lettuce, spinach, parsnips, cabbages, potatoes, carrots and radishes. April is also a great opportunity to plant asparagus crowns, which can be harvested for multiple years.


Prepare vegetable beds

April is also the time to prepare vegetable beds by removing all weeds and spreading a layer of compost. Prepared soil can be covered with sheets of black plastic in order to keep it warm and dry, in preparation for planting.


Prep the greenhouse

It’s also time to give the greenhouse a thorough clean to rid it of any lingering pests and diseases. Once the greenhouse is clean, its time to sow tomato seeds. Starting tomato plants in the greenhouse allows them to grow into seedlings and mitigates the risk of a late frost.


Plant flowers

Lift and divide perennial plants to improve their growth and long life. This will also create new plants for a summer garden. Summer flowering bulbs, such as lilies, gladiolus and ranunculus can be planted into flower beds, borders and pots.


Tie up climbers

Remember to tie in climbing and rambling roses to their supports. Honeysuckle and Clematis also traditionally grow well in the month of April, so it’s important to tie in new stems to train the plant. Ensure any tree ties are not cutting into the trunk or branches.


Prepare a kitchen garden

April is also a good time to start creating a kitchen garden by planting perennial herbs, such as thyme, lavender, oregano, chives, mint and sage. If the soil is heavy with clay, then mix in sand to improve drainage as this will increase the growth potential as herbs don’t like thick, wet soil.


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