The Best Apps for Self-Care

The Best Apps for Self-Care

With a third lockdown bringing in restrictions once more, self-care has never been more important to keep stress at bay. From daily physical exercise, to feeling healthy mentally, there are plenty of activities and apps to help you stay balanced. We’ve rounded up some of the best.  

1.     Headspace 

You’ve probably already heard of Headspace, the popular mindfulness and meditation app which has over 60 million active users. With guided exercises, meditation and focus playlists, the warm voices and calming animations are tailored to suit different aspects of your life including work, stress and anxiety. 
Cost: Free and optional in-app costs

2.     Happify 
Whether you're feeling sad, anxious or stressed, Happify brings you effective tools, programs and short games to help you take control of your feelings and thoughts. With a happiness tracker, this app will help overcome negative thoughts, stress and life’s challenges 
Cost: Free and optional in-app costs

3.     Offtime 
If you are looking to increase your productivity and reduce the time you spend scrolling through Instagram, Offtime will help you spend less time on your smartphone. You can set daily time limits and automate a digital detox for specific days. 
Cost: Free and optional in-app costs

4.     Drink water 
How often do you forget to stay hydrated while working from home? This simple app will keep track of your daily water intake and remind you to regularly drink the recommended amount of water to improve your health and wellbeing. 
Cost: Free and optional in-app costs

5.     Sparkle
The free habit tracking app makes it easy to focus on the things that bring joy to everyday life. With the ability to keep track of happy moments, memories, progress and inspiration, healthy, happy habits are easy to keep with Sparkle. 
Cost: Free


6.     Calm 
Whether you struggle with anxiety or have had a bad day, Calm can help you find moments to feel more peaceful. The app offers hundreds of sounds, including guided mediations, sleep stories with famous voices to help you fall asleep, and guided exercises for forgiveness and gratitude. 
Cost: Free and optional in-app costs


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