DIY Home Decor Ideas

DIY Home Decor Ideas

We’ve put together some handy tips to help you create your own unique home décor on a budget. 

1.     Patterned Dresser

Give your outdated chest of drawers a new lease of life by using paint, wallpaper and new hardware to create an original design on the furniture. Wallpaper samples can be used to add pattern to the dresser and new handles can be installed to give it a contemporary finish. This is a fantastic way to upcycle old furniture. 

2. Rope Bannister

Decorate your classic wooden bannister to a contemporary option by using rope to add a nautical aesthetic to your home. Anchor brackets to your wall and secure your rope of choice from the top to the bottom of the bannister, tying a knot at either end to keep it in place. To create a more relaxed vibe, unravel both the ends of the rope. 

3. Print-Out Art

Add a dash of personality to bare walls by dressing them with photos from your own camera roll. Choose your favourite shot and get it digitally enlarged to fit your space. You can then finish the look off by adding strips of wood along the top and bottom to replicate a frame. This is the perfect way to add unique character to any room in your home.

4. Book Side Table

A clever take on the bed side table, put your unloved books to use and create an original place to keep lamps or candles in the living room or bedroom. All you will need is eight to twelve hardback books and a tabletop to create a piece of designer-looking furniture for a fraction of the price. 

5. Blanket Ladder

When it comes to your living room, comfort should always come first, and no living room is complete without blankets and throws, especially during the winter months. Create some extra space to contain your blankets with a wooden ladder from a DIY shop to hang them on. This ladder is not only functional, but it's also adds a nautical vibe to your living space.  

7. Propagate a House Plant

Looking to make your space a little greener? If you have plants at home already, you can use them to create even more greenery by propagating them, which involves using the original plant to breed new ones. To propagate your plants, take cuttings from the orginal plant and place in water/soil to encourage root growth. This a simple, cost-effective way to add more life to your home. 

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