Eco Features in our homes

Eco Features in our homes

We know how important it is to play our part in combating climate change, and we’re doing everything we can to reflect that in the homes we develop. There are a variety of steps that we have made in the designs of our homes that will bring us closer to this goal.

Green Roofs

Our upcoming Corner Place development in Bethnal Green is one of our first developments to feature a green roof. Green roofs provide a rainwater buffer, purify air, reduce ambient temperature, regulate indoor temperature, save energy and encourage biodiversity in the city. A study showed that green roofs absorb up to 375 grams of carbon per square metre over two years.

Double Glazing and Insulation

All our homes are fitted with double glazed windows and high-quality insulation, both providing a shield against cold weather, but also helping our customers to use less heating and optimise the energy used when heating their homes. By including these features, both energy bills and carbon footprints will be reduced. Double glazed windows can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by to up to 680kgs per year.

Bike Storage

We love to encourage our residents to use alternative modes of transport which are kinder to the environment. This is why so many of our current and upcoming development feature bike storage where residents can seamlessly store and access their bikes.

Modern-Energy Efficient Appliances

We fit all our homes with modern appliances and aim to always use those with high energy efficiency. Energy efficient appliances have lower emissions of harmful gases and use a lot less energy, resulting in long-term savings all round.

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