Tips and Tricks to Look After your House Plants

Tips and Tricks to Look After your House Plants

House plants are a great way to spruce up your home or to lift your mood. Here are a few tips and tricks to create your own botanical haven at home. 


1.     Keep to a watering schedule 

While it may seem obvious, plants need regular hydration. However, it is key to not over-water a plant and to ensure you let the surface dry a little before applying more water. Try buying a watering can to hydrate your plants evenly, or invest in a water dispenser if you’re forgetful. 


2.     Choose the right pot 

Each plant needs to have sufficient drainage, so it is advised to keep it in the nursery pot that it comes in, and place this into a decorative pot of your choice. When choosing your decorative pot, pick something that is about 2cm wider than the plant’s nursery pot, to reduce squashing. 


3.     Let them rest 

Nearly all plants need a rest period, usually during winter. During this time, it is important to water them less, feed them less and let them cool down in a reduced temperature. 


4.     Plant friends 

A plant shelfie isn’t just for Instagram. It is reported that plants will grow better when they have friends around them, so it is a great idea to create a little plan corner for them to bloom together. 


5.     Do your research 

While some plants require very little maintenance, it’s important that you understand warning signs before it is too late. Choose your plants wisely based on placement, brightness and room temperature.


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