Interior Design Trends

Interior Design Trends


Whether you’ve just moved in, or you’ve lived in your Shared Ownership home for a while, it’s always nice to refresh your home’s design, and add your own stamp. We’ve put together some of the latest interior trends to inspire the decoration of your home… 


Sustainable Material 

From statement art work made from recycled bottles, to recycled jam jar vases and charity shop finds, there are a number of ways to ethically decorate with style to reflect our increasingly sustainable and eco-aware lifestyles. 


Bold Walls 

From a classic orange and blue living room, to a striking red dining area, a colourful wall really helps make a room pop. Using bright, bold colours can also effectively make a small space feel larger – and is relatively inexpensive and easy to implement. 


Unique Rugs

One of the new trends of 2020 is using fashionable and stylish rugs to transform a living space. Obscurely shaped rugs add a vibrant feel to modern interiors, as the design and extravagance never goes unnoticed. 


Sea Themes

Another trend for 2020 is interiors inspired by the deep sea. Not dolphin statutes, but scalloped furniture and fish scale tiles. Curvy, wavy and ocean-inspired seating is all the craze, especially scalloped armchairs upholstered in luxurious fabrics. 



Over the past six months, searches for velvet have increased by 400%. From velvet bed frames to velvet sofas, the cosy, fabric is inviting and adds some serious glamour and style to furniture. 


Line Art & Abstract Faces 

From vases with faces to pretty plates, patterned glassware to illustrated cushions, line art has stepped into homeware. With inspiration dating back to Picasso and Matisse, abstract faces and line art are typically monochrome, and oh-so-chic. 


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