How to make your home cosy for winter

How to make your home cosy for winter

We’ve put together some top tips to creating a warm, cosy sanctuary for the winter.

1.     Seasonal Scents 

Whether you prefer a classic vanilla candle or a winter spiced diffuser, scents have a strong influence on transforming a space. While the obvious choice might be candles, due to their warming qualities and cosy glow, consider simpler, safer formats like scent diffusers and room sprays which work, especially if you have young children. 

2.     Snug Rugs

Rugs are excellent cosy décor and a great option to add warmth, texture and a visual appeal. Whether you opt for a chunky knit wool rug, a faux fur or a Persian vintage rug, it will instantly convert your space into a warm and tranquil sanctuary. 

3.     Fluffy throw 

A throw blanket can feel incredibly luxurious and can be used in every room draped on the arm of a sofa, layered over a footstool or across the end of a bed. Faux-fur blankets come in bold, bright colours or in neutral tones and are easy to find. 

4.     Add some Fairy Lights 

Using soft lighting is a great way to create ambiance and an inviting feel. Instead of changing your normal lights, consider adding in some fairy lights to nooks and crannies for effortless warm feelings. 

5.     Layer Up 

Experiment with layering colours, textures and fabrics for a cosy feel to any space. Consider layering up blankets, throws, cushions and rugs in plaid, knit, wool and even sheepskin to add a cosy feel to each room. 

6.     Update your bedding

Crisp cotton and linen are great for summer months, but flannel or brushed cotton are ideal winter bedding options to keep you toasty. Consider swapping to a winter duvet which is thicker, weighted and temperature regulated. There are also number of festive bedding options which are not only extra warm, but are designed in fun and bold colours to get you in the festive spirit. 

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