Mattress Buying Guide – Which Mattress Should You Choose?

Mattress Buying Guide – Which Mattress Should You Choose?

A rundown of the different types of mattresses on the market


As we spend half of our life in bed, or rather we’d like to, it’s important to make an informed decision when it comes to buying a mattress.

However, buying a mattress can sometimes feel like a minefield. To help the process, we’ve compiled a guide outlining the different types of mattress available to you, so you can invest wisely in a better night’s sleep. 


Open spring mattress

Otherwise known as open coil mattresses, open spring mattresses contain one long metal wire, coiled into many springs. Open spring mattresses usually offer the best value for money as they’re machine stitched, rather than being made by hand.


Open spring mattresses tend to be light, which makes them easy to turn over. They also tend to be less supportive and wear out easier, and are therefore best used in guest bedrooms where they won’t be slept on regularly.


Pocket spring mattress

Pocket spring mattress are made from a number of individual springs, all housed in pockets of fabric. This means that each spring moves independently from the rest. As such, pocket spring mattresses are a good option for couples, as movement from the other side of the bed is minimised. Pocket springs are also typically more breathable than open spring or memory foam choices.


Due to the quality of the product, pocket spring mattresses tend to be more expensive than other types, although they typically last longer. It’s also worth noting that pocket spring mattresses are often filled with natural materials, such as lamb’s wool, which may agitate allergies, so be sure check with the supplier before you buy.


Memory foam mattress

Memory foam is a modern, malleable material, which moulds itself around the body as it responds to different temperatures and weight. Due to the fact that memory foam absorbs weight, relieves pressure, maintains posture and aligns the spine, it is a great choice for people who suffer from back pain.

Memory foam also has hypo-allergenic properties and is durable, so a memory foam mattress should last for a number of years.


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