Things to Remember When Moving into a New House

Things to Remember When Moving into a New House

A list of practical property questions


In-between liaising with your solicitor, signing contracts and packing boxes, it’s easy to forget some simple, practical questions about your new home. We’ve compiled a list of often forgotten questions its worth asking the vendor or estate agent before you move into your new home, that will help save you time in the long term.


Where do I turn off the water?

It sounds like a simple question, but the stopcock is not always where it ought to be. By finding out where to switch off the water at the mains, you can save yourself a lot of money if a pipe bursts or your washing machine breaks down.


Where are the gas and electricity meters?

Again, these essential meters are prone to being situated in the strangest of places. It’s for this reason that you should make sure you ask the location of the gas and electricity meters before you move into your new home.


Which company supplies the gas/electricity/water/?

We all know that we can’t do without power or running water, so make sure you check with the vendor who supplies these essential utilities before you move in, to save you time calling around different suppliers.


On which day is the refuse and recycling collected?

If you’re moving to a new area, then you may not be familiar with the days in which the bins are collected. Take time to ask this question and avoid the smell of mounting rubbish.


Where is the thermostat?

If you move in the winter, there’s nothing worse than being sat in a cold house. It’s for this reason that finding out about the location of the thermostat is a question worth asking to ensure that you are nice and toasty from the day you move in.  


Where are the kitchen/bathroom tiles from?

Over-zealous cleaning, indoor cricket or sheer old age can be responsible for tile damage. If you’re not a keen tiler, read this link (, but also make your life easier by asking where the tiles were purchased so you can attempt to match them, should they need replacing.


Where are the instruction manuals / warranties for electrical items?

Not all electrical items work in the same way. Therefore, if you have agreed to purchase white goods from the vendor, ask them to leave you the instruction manuals / warranties so you know how to operate them correctly and to ensure you are covered in case something goes wrong.


What colour was used to paint the walls?

Save yourself the time and effort of either repainting the entire room or tracking down the exact shade of paint, by asking in advance about the colour of paint used for the walls.


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