National Housing Federation – Shared Ownership Campaign

National Housing Federation – Shared Ownership Campaign


Did you know that Shared Ownership properties tend to be new build homes? How about that you can decorate your property? Or that you won’t be living with a stranger?


We’re supporting the National Housing Federation’s Shared Ownership campaign to help dispel the myths and misconceptions around Shared Ownership, and improve our customer’s understanding of the initiative. 


We’ve joined more than 40 housing organisations in backing the campaign, each of who are equally enthusiastic and committed as we are in helping first time buyers get onto the property ladder 


Shared ownership is another way to buy your home. You buy a share, typically from 25% to 35%, and pay subsidised rent on the remaining share. 


There are many advantages of Shared Ownership. For example, buying a percentage means a smaller deposit and smaller mortgage is required. When ready, you can then increase your share until your own 100% of your property. 


To find out more about Shared Ownership and the National Housing Federation’s campaign, please click here.


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