Property Buying Trends During the Pandemic

Property Buying Trends During the Pandemic

Aided by the Stamp Duty Holiday, the property sector has unexpectedly thrived during the pandemic. 

Across the country, the effect of lockdown saw a shift in buying patterns with a heavy desire for larger homes with more space for home offices and gardens. Due to the closure of offices, the demand to be closer to a train station has decreased. Priorities have now focused on being close to outdoor space for exercise in the countryside and local parks. 

Naturally, with many attractions closed there has been a shift in demand to properties outside of London. However, as well as an increase in sales outside of the Capital, more people are opting for homes on the outskirts of London, such as neighbouring Sevenoaks, Windsor, Oxford, Surrey and Brighton. 

As well as the shift in locations, buyers are now looking at larger homes with ample office space or an extra bedroom, outdoor terraces or gardens. All that WFH also means that a speedy internet connection is now a must-have. 

With all these trends in mind, we have a number of properties available to purchase in London, Brighton and the South East that are perfect for life post-lockdown. Many of them feature high speed internet, outside space (private or communal) and have great connections to parks or other green open space. 

Through Shared Ownership, you purchase a share of a home (typically between 25% and 75%) and pay discounted rent on the share you don’t own. This results in a smaller deposit and crucially a smaller mortgage - as you only need to borrow for the share that you own.  

For all the information on how to get the buying process started, including floorplans, pictures, share details, financial eligibility and local area information, please visit our website or contact our friendly sales team on 0300 555 2171 who will walk you through the purchase process and help you understand your buying options.