Putting Your Stamp on Your Shared Ownership Home

Putting Your Stamp on Your Shared Ownership Home

Whether you’re into bright, eye-catching sofas, bohemian patterned rugs or want to make a permanent fairy-tale den out of cushions, your Shared Ownership home is yours to decorate as you please.

We understand that in order to feel comfortable in your new home, you need to make the space your own. This is why once you purchase your new home, we proactively encourage you to channel your inner interior designer and decorate your space in whatever style you wish.  

As a leaseholder of your Shared Ownership home, you have the same rights and responsibilities as homeowners on the open market. You are able to make minor repairs to your Shared Ownership home, to keep it looking pristine and in good working order. 

However, as with most leaseholder arrangements, it’s worth noting that for larger renovation projects, you will need to ask permission.

To help you get started, our key styling tips include: 

·       Keeping plenty of house plants

·       Styling your outdoor space with comfortable cushions, blankets and fairy lights 

·       Introduce Bold, statement walls to make your space more eye-catching

If you’re in need of some inspiration, head to our Pinterest and follow us on Instagram (@SouthernHomeOwn). We always love to see photos of home transformations, so feel free to tag us in your pictures and show us your creativity.

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