Steps To Make Your House Eco Friendly

Steps To Make Your House Eco Friendly

With a rise in energy bills hitting homes across the country, it has never been more important to ensure you are operating your home efficiently. We’ve put together some tips for making sure that you are using the optimum amount of energy and helping to keep the costs down. 

Use less energy in the home

Turning off lights and appliances when you’re not using them, reducing the temperature of your laundry, and having shorter showers can cut your energy usage in the home significantly, helping to keep your energy bill lower. 

Get a smart meter 

Smart meters help to keep your bills accurate and will save you the hassle of sending your meter readings regularly. 

Choose energy-efficient appliances

If you are looking to replace any electrical items in your home, try to choose energy-efficient versions. The easiest way to check this is looking at its EU energy efficiency rating, with appliances labelled A-D offering higher energy efficiency. 

Draught-proof your house

Draft proofing strips are a great way to prevent heat escaping your home, you can use them on your windows, doors, floorboards and skirting. This will mean you can have your heating on at a lower temperature for less time, and still stay warm when it’s chilly outside.

All of our Shared Ownership homes benefit from double or triple glazed windows, LED efficient lights, cycle stores and integrated recycling bins to help you live as green a lifestyle as possible. 

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