How to Create a Stylish Outdoor Space

How to Create a Stylish Outdoor Space


All of our Shared Ownership developments feature communal outdoor gardens, and the majority of our homes benefit from their own personal, private outdoor space in the form of either a balcony, terrace or back garden.

Whether you simply want a garden area to catch some vitamin D, or your very own botanical space, we’ve rounded up some tips to help style your outdoor space. 


1.     Stack your plants 

It’s a dream to have a home overflowing with greenery, both inside and out. Using wooden shelves or a redecorated bookcase will help you stack plants and create a wall of foliage which is easy to maintain and water. 


2.     Hanging pots

For balconies, hanging plants are a great way to create a fun space by adding depth. Pair with hanging fairy lights or lanterns to create a chic balcony where you can sit and enjoy the views. For garden terraces, bird feeders or flower baskets will instantly transform the space into a welcoming place for nature to bloom. 


3.     Folding furniture

For Al fresco dining in the summer, folding furniture is convenient and practical. For all types of outdoor space, folding furniture will instantly convert the space into a new dining room or breakfast bar. 


4.     Set up a herb garden 

For food lovers everywhere, having your very own herb garden is simple and delicious. Whether you want mint, sage, basil or coriander, you can grow your very own with a handful of seeds or plants, small pots and a little bit of TLC.


5.     Add some soft furnishings

Bright colours and a statement pattern on cushions, blankets or rugs can transform a blank area into a stylish space. With matching accessories, you can create an area that’s perfect for cosy movie watching, or a relaxing area for reading a book.  


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