Top DIY tips for the Bank Holiday weekend

Top DIY tips for the Bank Holiday weekend

We’ve pulled together some handy DIY tips for the forthcoming weekend.


The Bank Holiday weekend is here and we all know what that means: Summer BBQs, al fresco picnics, and of course, DIY. With this in mind, we’ve pulled together some handy DIY tips for this weekend.


Adios screw holes


Say goodbye to unwanted screw holes! They’re not only an eyesore, but often feel impossible to get rid of. Not any more, with this simple trick. Fill the hole with a wooden golf tee and then use a hacksaw to saw the tee off flush. Finally, sand and finish. Voila!  


Cutting Wallpaper


We imagine that many of you are waiting until the Bank Holiday weekend to put up your wallpaper. To ensure a straight cut, stand the spool vertically and unfurl the paper. Insert your blade a few inches from the top, and slice downwards to the bottom. The uncut section supports the paper, so it doesn’t fall, tear or make an uneven cut. Simply, cut the top few inches to finish.


Professional grouting


If you’re tackling the tiles this weekend, make sure to use a silicone gun and a cup of water. Use the water to moisten your finger, so you can smooth along the silicone as you go to create a professional finish.


Master wallpapering


Straight alignment is particularly important when applying patterned wallpaper. A great way to ensure this is to water down your wallpaper paste and apply a coat to the wall before you paste the back of the paper. This allows you to maneuver the paper as you hang.


Removing old screws


Old stubborn screws often litter our home, and are sometimes impossible to remove. The solution? A rubber band. When laid on top, a rubber band provides enough grip to remove, or at least loosen, the screw with a screwdriver. Apply slow, hard force as you turn.


Ease your sawing


Sawing can take its toll. It’s difficult and physical. If you’re planning on using a wood saw this weekend, rub candle wax over both sides of the saw blade. This greatly reduces the friction and improves the back and forth movement of the saw.



Avoid hardened paintbrushes


Brushes hardened by yesterday’s paint are every DIY aficionado’s worst nightmare. However, we’ve got a simple and time efficient way to remedy this (and save hours of washing). All you need to do is tightly wrap your paintbrushes and roller in cling film after painting, and they will stay moist overnight.


Put a stop to squeaking floorboards


Tired of being caught out on midnight visits to the fridge? Take the noise out of your floorboards and door hinges by sprinkling talcum powder on them. Magic!


Say goodbye to paint fumes


Let’s be honest. The worst thing about painting is the fumes. They’re inescapable. However, by adding 1-2 teaspoons of vanilla essence to every litre of paint you can reduce the overbearing sensory overload.


Making screwing easier


Let’s face it. No one really enjoys applying screws. However, this tip will make your life easier. Rub screws on a wet bar of soap, they will then turn easily into tight-fitting spaces. 


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