What are the best shops for buying on a budget?

What are the best shops for buying on a budget?

This week interior designer, Lucy Bartley, gives some advice on what the best shops are when buying on a budget.

When you need to make your pennies stretch, the best stores to visit are the sheds and volume stores like Ikea, and the DIY Home stores like B&Q and Homebase.  Since these types of shops buy in volume they will have lower prices and decorative ranges/furniture solutions to suit most budgets.

Make sure you plan first, and always browse a few stores to get ideas and see where you want to spend your money and where you want to save it.

Argos, Matalan and Tesco all have affordable ranges, with the more fashion fun element coming from stores like Next Home, Ikea, Homesense or TK Maxx.

John Lewis have a good value ‘House’ range, and Bhs do some great lighting prices to suit most budgets.

Habitat too, is affordable, fresh, quirky, fun and offers a more contemporary handwriting to an interior.

When buying on a budget, its all about ‘layering’ and having an interior with ‘good, better, best’ price points within. Remember buying less at a higher price and on items made to last is always wise.

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