Terms and Conditions: Survey Reward - £10 Amazon Voucher

1. Eligibility: - This survey reward program is open to individuals who complete the survey in its entirety. - Only one £10 Amazon voucher will be issued per household, regardless of the number of survey participants. 

2. Survey Completion: - To qualify for the £10 Amazon voucher, participants must fully complete the survey as indicated. - Incomplete surveys will not be eligible for the reward. 

3. Voucher Issuance: - The £10 Amazon voucher will be issued electronically upon successful completion of the survey. Please allow up to four weeks for us to process sending the voucher. - Vouchers are not transferable and may only be redeemed by the survey participant. 

4. Household Limitation: - Only one voucher will be provided per household, regardless of the number of individuals participating in the survey.  

5. Voucher Redemption: - The £10 Amazon voucher can only be redeemed on the Amazon platform and is subject to Amazon's terms and conditions.

6. Validity Period: - The voucher has a specified validity period, and participants must redeem it within that timeframe. We will not reissue vouchers in the event of failure to redeem.

7. Fraudulent Activities: - Any attempt to manipulate the survey, provide false information, or engage in fraudulent activities will result in disqualification from the reward program. 

8. Data Privacy: - Participant information collected during the survey will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy

9. Program Changes: - Southern Housing and Southern Housing New Homes as a sub-brand reserves the right to modify or terminate the survey reward program at any time without prior notice.

10. No Cash Alternative: - There is no cash alternative or substitution available for the £10 Amazon voucher. The Voucher is the sole reward offered for completing the survey and holds no monetary value outside of its intended use on the Amazon platform.

11. Limited Time Offer: - The incentive reward is only valid until 10th July, 2024. Participants must complete the survey before this date to be eligible for the reward. Any submissions after this date may be used towards our satisfaction data but will not be entitled to the £10 Amazon voucher reward.

12 . Contact: - For any inquiries or concerns related to the survey reward program, please contact sales@southernhousing.org.uk

By participating in the survey, you agree to these terms and conditions.