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Think cosy cottages, think popping log burners, think views of paddocks and meadows, and all a stop away from the fireworks of London’s magnetic buzz. Surrey is a home haven tucked into the suburbs of London, known for its countryside views and chocolate-box villages. If you’re looking for a restful pace of life and leafy suburban settings to really settle down in, then you may find your new home in Surrey.


Education at its heart

If there’s anything Surrey takes seriously it's their young people and opportunities. From a well established red brick university to a vast selection of outstanding schools, Surrey ticks all the boxes for its young people. The University of Surrey is not only one of the highest ranked in the country but is also surrounded in a lush green campus just outside of Guildford. 


Surrey Hills

If you happen to be the kind of relentless rambler that sees no hill as too big and no path unbeaten, or perhaps you simply like a stroll somewhere a little more tranquil than London’s busy boulevards, Surrey can certainly accommodate just that. Surrey Hills is a long stretch of wild and wondrous countryside, blessing thousands of properties with back gardens that seem to reach the horizon and views to take your breath away. The leaning pubs and thatched cottages bring an unmistakable charm to village settings and will have you feeling snug by the log fires in Winter and sun bathed in the beer gardens in Summer. 


Rural living and fresh produce

Moving to Surrey you can almost feel a million miles away from the constant hubbub of London’s sleepless cosmopolis. But this commuter county is rich in a different sense of liveliness and brings an authentic vibrance that may not be found in the mega urban jungle. Many of the local towns and villages here host spectacular bonfire parties and summer get-togethers that bring the community to the forefront. While the pace of life may be a little slower than that of the always on-the-go urban thriver, whizzing around on the tube and dodging heavy traffic, don’t be mistaken, Surrey has all the pops and crackles of excitement without the queues of the denser population in the city.


Properties for sale in Surrey: The perfect investment

So whether you’re dabbling in Surrey’s property market for the top schools, the stressless flexibility of life here or the short commute to London, Surrey is a life investment as well as a financial one. Bursting with benefits you simply can’t get anywhere else, buying a home here will certainly have you getting your money’s worth in one of the UK’s most delightful counties. Take a look at our shared ownership in Surrey properties to find your perfect home. 

View properties for sale in Surrey