Brighton Arts & Culture

Brighton Arts & Culture


Brighton is home to an eclectic mix of contemporary art galleries, many of which are free to visit. Here’s our round up of the best in the area.



Tucked away on the seafront, Bellis is a beautiful shop and gallery specialising in local art. Featuring an assortment of unique sketches, jewellery, vases and china, Bellis exhibits the work of over 20 local artists. Well worth a visit. 


Address: Bellis Gallery, 8-9 King’s Road, Brighton, UK 

Cost: Free 


Brighton Museum and Art Gallery

Famous for its stunning architecture and royal interiors, Brighton Pavilion is also home to a collection of contemporary art. The public museum features a show-stopping array of local talent, as well as 20th century decorative art. Its diverse collection creates a balance of past and present, and showcases Brighton’s extravagance. 


Address: Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, Royal Pavilion Gardens, Brighton, UK 

Cost: Free


Phoenix Gallery

The charitable arts organisation, Phoenix Arts Association, provides studio space for artists and creators alongside accessible workshops. The venue is the largest visual arts space in the south east of England and features a broad mix of international and local art. 

Address: Phoenix Gallery, 10-14 Waterloo Place, Brighton, UK 
Cost: Free 



Famous for its prominence in the online art world, ArtRepublic offers a range of works from world famous artists. Aiming to make art accessible for everyone, the Brighton store showcases the work of a range of local and international urban artists, including Shephard Fairey, Dawn Baldwin and Bonnie and Clyde. 


Address: 13 Bond Street, Brighton and Hove, Brighton, UK

Cost: Free 


Zorian Artworks

Located in a converted Victorian Fisherman’s shop on the seafront, Zorian Artworks holds a collection of fine detailed landscaped paintings by artist Zorian Matthews. Inspired by the human influences on natural landscapes and Zorian’s own experience travelling, the artwork is bold and vivid. Zorian is also often in the studio working, and the gallery is open to the public all year round.


Address: 246 Kings Road Arches, Brighton, UK

Cost: Free


Kellie Miller Arts

Artist owned gallery, Kellie Miller Arts, is situated in the historical heart of Brighton Lanes. The gallery is full of a mix of Kellie’s passions; sculptures, textured paintings, mixed media and ceramics, which are displayed harmoniously throughout the space.

Address: 20 Market Street, Brighton, UK
Cost: Free


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