The best places to buy a dining table

The best places to buy a dining table

A guide to buying the perfect dining table.

Hunting for the perfect dining room table takes time, patience and a clear vision. It’s an item that is pivotal to your living space and one in which you’ll spend intimate moments with friends and family. We’re making the shopping experience just a little bit easier for you. Check out our list below. 

If you’re looking for a dining room table with character, then look no further. work with small creative businesses to ensure that you are buying something that you won’t see in the houses of all your friends. The dining room tables are original, stylish and practical.



Habitat is your strong, reliable best friend. Invest in a Habitat table and it will last for years. It’s both beautiful and utilitarian, thanks to its Nordic paired-back inspiration. Need we say more? is the thinking person’s choice. The brand looks to be transparent with its customers as possible, and offers designer goods at affordable prices. They achieve this by cutting out the middleman and selling directly from makers. So, you can get a beautifully made table at a price to suit your pocket.



Amazon is your go-to retailer for a wide range of choice. You can shop to match your price, size, material, colour and design requirements. You can’t fail to find something to suit your budget and taste.



It’s the obvious choice, but there’s a reason that it’s so popular. Designs are practical, minimal and kind to your bank balance. The Swedes really know how to design furniture. Get your toolkit at the ready.



Are you looking for something stylish, streamline and sturdy? Then Next is the place for you. It’s full of chic wooden tables that wouldn’t look out of place in a beautiful French farmhouse. You can choose between matching chairs or streamline benches to seat your dinner party guests.



Did you know that Very offer dining tables? Well, now you do. They specialise in homely and affordable furniture and have plenty of it. It’s perfect for first time buyers.


Barker and Stonehouse 

This renowned furniture maker is well known in the industry for a reason. It produces beautifully made dining room tables in a variety of styles. Take your pick from sleek extendable tables to traditional reclaimed numbers.



If you like dining room tables brimming with personality, then Etsy has it in spades. You can purchase a bevy of beautiful tables straight from the artisans that make them. There is a wide range of styles, from industrial to traditional, modern to farmhouse.


Furniture Choice 

If modern design and price sit at the top of your requirement list, then Furniture Choice is a great option for you. Dining room tables are simple and sleek in style and best of all, affordable.


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