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Brighton is known for its diversity, eccentricity and free-spirited zest that makes the area one of the best places in the UK to set down your roots and build a future. There’s no doubt you’ve seen the Pavilion, the Pier and the iconic Regency period architecture that decorates the town but there is also a whole host of offbeat, quirky activities to do and places to visit that may have slipped under your radar. Brighton embodies the easy-going lifestyle and mellow nature of English coastal towns, making it an ideal spot if you fancy kicking back and going about life at a leisurely pace. 


Ghost Walk of the Lanes 

If you fancy seeing a slightly different side to Brighton and don’t mind being a little spooked, then the Ghost walk of the lanes should definitely be something to consider on a winter’s eve. Brighton is rich in its history and starting from Brighton’s Town Hall dating back to 1830, you can be a part of the past and its slightly sinister stories. With the Old Steine, once home to many fishermen working by the coast, this area tells tales of a most unnerving apparition walking the streets in its mutilated form. You will also explore the ancient Tavern dating to 1510. The Druid’s head has been home to poltergeist activity and plenty of paranormal encounters. Perhaps it has something to do with the Druid Sacrificial grounds the Tavern is built on.


Yellow Wave Beach Sports

If you’re not a fan of sitting still for too long, then yellow wave beach sports is definitely worth a visit. The official training grounds for the London Olympics, you can play volleyball to your heart’s desire. With Beach Soccer and Frisbee on offer too, you can get sand in your toes and a good dose of exercise on the long stretch of Brighton’s beach. Once you have worn yourself out and the kids fancy a rest you can always stop off at the Barefoot Café for a spot of ice cream and some blissful balmy barefoot vibes. 


Brighton Earthship

The first of its kind, Brighton’s Earthship puts this area in a century ahead of the rest of us. Completely efficient with zero emissions and absolutely no carbon footprint, the Earthship is located in the Stanmer Park area and has won several awards from all over Europe. A great place to take the kids and highly educational for everyone, the Earthship makes the future of Brighton and the rest of the world a lot brighter.


Naked Bike Ride

Now an established event in Brighton, the Naked Bike Ride asks only to go “as bare as you dare”. Began in 2006, it has grown in popularity and support over the years with many travelling into the area just to join the masses armed with just their wheels and a strong sense of freedom. Swinging right through the town and ending on the naturist beach for a skinny dip, if you’re looking for something quirky to do in Brighton, then it’s unlikely you will reach the levels of eccentric that the naked bike ride inhibits.

So, whether you know Brighton like the back of your hand, you’ve just moved in or you’re looking for somewhere with something different to offer, then explore the area’s wild side and get stuck in. With an endless list of things to do and places to see, Brighton exudes something nowhere else in the UK does and comes with a way of life that weaves in the whimsical and radiates the wacky. 

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