Getting Fit in South Bermondsey

Getting Fit in South Bermondsey

South Bermondsey is a vibrant area that offers a variety of fitness options, making it an ideal place for young professionals and families looking to stay active in the city. The 1, 2 & 3 bedroom Shared Ownership apartments at Argo House in South Bermondsey, each with a private balcony or terrace, provide a perfect base for enjoying all the fitness amenities the area has to offer.  

Whether you’re looking for something high or low intensity, a solo or group environment, beginner or expert level, here’s a look at some of the top fitness spots around South Bermondsey. 



Just a 10-minute journey on public transport from Argo House, CrossFit Bermondsey is a hub for fitness junkies looking for a high-intensity group workout. This gym offers a variety of classes tailored to different fitness levels, ensuring everyone can find a program that suits their needs. With a focus on strength training, cardio, and flexibility, CrossFit Bermondsey helps you achieve your fitness goals in a supportive community environment. Their professional trainers and state-of-the-art equipment make it easy to stay motivated and see results. 



A quick 8-minute bike ride from Argo House, PureGym Bermondsey is perfect for those who prefer flexibility in their workout schedules. Open 24 hours a day, this gym allows you to fit in a workout whenever it suits you. PureGym offers a wide range of equipment, from free weights to cardio machines, as well as a full roster of varied fitness classes from bootcamp to yoga. The affordable membership options and no-contract policy make it an attractive choice for anyone budget-conscious or dipping their toe into gym workouts.  


Located just 7-minutes by bike from Argo House, Milo and the Bull is a boutique fitness studio that offers a unique blend of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), yoga, and strength classes. This gym is known for its friendly atmosphere and personalised approach to fitness. Whether you're looking to build muscle, improve flexibility, return to working out after having a baby, or find a new way to stay active, Milo and the Bull provides a variety of classes to meet your fitness needs. Their experienced instructors ensure that you get the most out of every workout, and with a two-week unlimited trial for only £25, why not see for yourself? 



For those who prefer a more relaxed approach to fitness, The Lodge Space Yoga Studio is just an 8-minute bike ride from Argo House. This tranquil studio offers a range of classes, from dynamic Vinyasa flows to Pilates and dance, as well as natural treatments and therapies. Anyone looking to improve flexibility, reduce stress, connect with like-minded individuals and enhance overall well-being will love having The Lodge Space classes, workshops and wellness events within easy reach. 


Shared Ownership at Argo House 


South Bermondsey offers a range of fitness facilities to keep you active and healthy, and with Shared Ownership at Argo House, you can find an affordable pathway to homeownership in this thriving area. This initiative allows you to purchase a share of a property—typically between 25% and 75%—and pay subsidised rent on the remaining share, making it easier to get on the property ladder, especially in today's challenging housing market. 


By choosing Shared Ownership, you can enjoy the financial flexibility of lower deposits and monthly payments, while also having the opportunity to increase your share in the property over time through a process called staircasing. This makes it a great option for young professionals, friend groups, and families looking to invest in their future. 


Get in touch with our team to find out how Shared Ownership at Argo House can be your gateway to a vibrant and active lifestyle in South Bermondsey.