Historical Oval

Historical Oval

Vincent van Gogh, gunpowder & cricket. Discover the rich history of Oval


Oval is located in a small pocket of Kennington within the London Borough of Lambeth. It straddles the border of South West and South East London and is most widely known for its cricket ground and gas holders. However, in addition to cricket, Oval has a rich and diverse history, making it a great place to live in the centre of the capital.


How did Oval get its name?

The name Oval originated from the original street layout design in the 17th century. Despite the fact the Oval design was never fully implemented, the name for the area stuck and was even given to the cricket ground.


Early influences

This area has had two very distinct influences over the years. Firstly, due to its close proximity to Westminster and the City of London, it has been home to a number of politicians, archbishops and businessmen over the years.

Secondly, it’s history has very much been shaped by the Thames. Indeed, historically Oval was one of the easiest places to cross the Thames.


Meet the locals

It was in the Oval area that Guy Fawkes and his fellow Gunpowder Plot conspirators stored their 20 barrels of gunpowder in the early 17th century.

Vincent van Gogh also lived in the Oval from 1873 to 1874. His house, number 87 Hackford Road, still stands and is commemorated with a blue plaque. Even though he only lived there for one year, he found time to fall in love with both his landlady and her daughter, before he was asked to leave.


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