Home Office Design Ideas

Home Office Design Ideas


While we’ve all adapted to working from home and a new working lifestyle, many of us still don’t have a dedicated working space. Whether you are hoping to create a home study room or a work area in your living room, dining room or even bedroom, we have all the inspiration and advice you need.


1.     Repurpose where possible 

While we can’t freely pop to the shops to purchase storage units and desk tidies, there are many everyday items ideal to create your own. Whether you wash old tins for a retro look or recycle jars, painting them and adding bows will create the perfect desk tidy for all your stationary. 


2.     Hide your desk 

While working from home, striking the work life balance may seem impossible when you can’t get away from the office. Using a separate space for your work area is ideal. If you aren’t able to dedicate an entire room to your office, you could hide your desk away in an upcycled old wardrobe. 


3.     Make your dressing table your desk 

If you have limited space, using a bedroom as a home office may be the only solution. If you can’t commit to a desk, a dressing table is a great alternative offering the perfect height to sit comfortably. 


4.     Buy a plant 

Staring at a blank wall all day may drive you crazy. If you are unable to sit next to the window, buying stylish plants are the perfect solution to bringing life into a dull space. Plants are also proven to reduce anxiety, tension, depression, anger and fatigue by up to 58%. 


5.     Invest in office chair 

While sitting all day, it is really important that you are comfortable. While they can be expensive, office seating is designed for long periods at a desk, ensuring your back and head are well supported. It is also often a good idea to take regular breaks and stretch your legs. 


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