Tips to Refresh Your Interiors

Tips to Refresh Your Interiors

With 2021 fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to refresh and reinvent your home. New décor styles can uplift your interior design, and your mood, for the year ahead. So, we’ve put together a style guide with the best design tips to reinvigorate your home interiors. 

Paint One Wall 

Colour is crucial for any room and can very quickly transform a space. Refresh your living space by changing the paint of one wall to create a stand-out statement. Different shades reflect different moods, so make sure you pick the right tone for your home’s personality.

Let Nature In 

As winter continues, the shorter days can make the months feel monotonous and dull. By introducing more plants and natural materials, such as woodgrain and stone, your home will begin to feel fresher, brighter and warm. Give it a try.

Decorate Your Bookshelves 

Bookshelves are designed for practicality, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look pretty. With the help of ornaments, framed photos and a collection of statement books, those shelves can easily elevate your home’s aesthetic. Avoid treating these shelving units like cluttered dumping grounds; take time to coordinate the contents of your bookshelves and you will turn them into an attractive centre piece. 

Get Organised 

There’s no better way to refresh your interiors than investing time into organising your belongings. From arranging the spice cupboard alphabetically, to having a fully folded wardrobe, it can feel surprisingly life changing. Top tip: make sure to throw out or recycle your old and unwanted goods first before buying new ones!

Invest in Cushion Covers 

For a quick spruce up, you can opt to buy cushion covers. These handy linens allow you to alternate between designs, depending on seasons and your mood. So, instead of purchasing brand new cushions, turn to decorative covers to transform your space and save yourself some money.  

New Bedding 

While hotels may be out of bounds, we can still make our own bedrooms feel like a 5-star boudoir. Treat yourself to new, super soft bedding for ultimate comfort. Why not experiment with a new colour or design to add depth to your bedroom? 

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