Summer Interior Design Trends

Summer Interior Design Trends

With summer promising brighter weather and restrictions set to ease, we’ve created a list of interior trends for the season to refresh your home in time for the warmer months. 

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1.     Minimalism

‘Less is more’ lies at the heart of the minimalism trend. Think clean lines, reductive and uncluttered spaces and a monochromatic colour palette – all of which is designed to give your room a contemporary, bright and airy feel - perfect for when the summer sun shines in.

2.     Statement Colours

Add a conversation starter to your space with a statement piece which adds a bold pop of colour to your room. Colour can be added through using home accessories, such as changing up the cushions on your sofa, adding candles to your coffee table or even introducing furniture such as armchairs sporting a bold shade. 

3.     Nature

Pay homage to the great outdoors by introducing nature inside your house. House plants are a great way of adding a green and serene vibe to any room, and, come in a vast range of shapes and sizes, perfect for filling any space, big or small.  

4.     Blues

Voted as one of the top summer interior design trends for 2021, the colour blue is a great way to reflect the blue skies and ocean waves - associated with summer beach time -throughout your home. Think blue cushions, throws and statement walls.  

5.     Statement vases

Statement vases are a perfect way to add colour and shape to your interiors. Big, bold, oversized designs and unusual shapes are dominating Instagram home accounts for all the right reasons. Long gone are their days of simply just a place to house flowers, vases are now a home ornament in their own right. 

6.     Cottagecore

Nothing says summer is here quite like the aesthetic of Cottagecore, a trend which has taken Pinterest by storm. Cottagecore fuses country-style interiors with a contemporary edge, drawing inspiration from the countryside and incorporating florals and natural materials such as wool and linen. Perfect for the summer.

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