The best green spaces for winter walks in Purley

The best green spaces for winter walks in Purley

As winter rolls in, there's no better way to embrace the season than to wrap up warm and get outside for a refreshing walk in nature.  Purley, home to two of our beautiful developments, offers some  great locations for a fresh winter stroll all within a 20 minute cycle ride.

Discover our favourite green havens that make for perfect winter escapes:


1. Purley Beeches

As the name suggests, Purley Beeches is an enchanting woodland of beech trees offering an escape from the winter blues. The ancient beech trees stand tall with well-maintained walking trails winding through the 17 acres of woods, providing a peaceful environment for connection with nature, even in the darkest months. The addition of two tennis courts will appeal to those keen to get active outdoors whatever the weather.


2. Riddlesdown Common

Riddlesdown Common is a vast open space of rugged grassland that beckons winter walkers with its sweeping views and countryside feel.  allow visitors to feel a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  Be aware the Common may not welcome dogs, particularly off leash as cattle and sheep sometimes graze to manage the grassland,.   


3. Foxley Wood  

Foxley Wood, a hidden gem in Purley, is a beautiful nature reserve that transforms into a winter wonderland with its well-maintained woodland trails. Amidst the trees and winter foliage, keep an eye out for abundant local wildlife. Foxley Wood is a lovely place to relax, walk your dog and listen to the birds. Kids will love the playground, as well as the hard-court area for ball games.


4. Purley Way Playing Fields

For families seeking a winter walk with added entertainment for children, teens, and adults too, Purley Way Playing Fields is an ideal spot to have on your doorstep. The vast expanse of sports pitches dedicated to football and cricket, as well as a skate park, playground and restrooms make Purley Way Playing Fields a great asset to those with energetic families, while the open fields provide the perfect space for a crisp stroll.


These open spaces in the great outdoors offer a diverse range of experiences for those seeking a peaceful winter walk. From ancient woodlands perfect for long, crisp dog walks to expansive commons and family-friendly playgrounds, Purley's hidden green gems provide a perfect blend of natural beauty and recreational opportunities during the colder months. Lace up your boots, bundle up, and explore the winter wonders that Purley has to offer.

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