The Best Schools in Clapton

The Best Schools in Clapton

Home to our beautiful Arcadia View apartments, Clapton is one of London’s trendiest neighbourhoods where residents can enjoy everything from a vibrant food scene to large open green spaces and canal-side walks. With a strong focus on community, Clapton's a wonderful suburb for young families who want the buzz of city life without compromising on sense of community and access to top-notch education. Schools in Clapton  are diverse, inclusive, and creative..

Here are some of the best schools within a short walk of Arcadia View, where kids are nurtured to reach their true potential in all aspects of education:


1. Kingsmead Primary School

Ofsted rating: Outstanding

Kingsmead Primary School is celebrated for its commitment to academic excellence and character development. Both expectations and nurturing are high, creating a stimulating environment where all pupils make huge strides in their learning from day one. The school’s latest Ofsted report applauded the school for its inspirational leadership, rich curriculum. And calm, orderly environment where pupils feel exceptionally safe and encouraged. The inspection said “Meticulous analysis of pupils’ performance ensures that none can slip behind”, and "the community feeling within the school and the immediate locality is exceptionally strong”. Kingsmead Primary School is an asset to the local area offering an excellent start to pupils.


2. Millfields Community School

Ofsted rating: Good

A ten-minute stroll from our Arcadia View homes, Millfields Community School is a welcoming and friendly school described in its latest Ofsted report as providing “a rich educational experience for pupils”. Located on the edge of the wonderful Millfields Park, the school is known for its inclusive  atmosphere, innovative teaching methods and emphasis on a well-rounded curriculum.  Pupils benefit from committed leadership and strong teacher relationships, creating an environment where students feel supported, valued, and inspired to reach their unique potential.


3. Rushmore Primary School

Ofsted Rating: Good

Rushmore Primary’s  a vibrant and welcoming community school where children are encouraged to be creative, inclusive, kind and independent. Education is well-rounded, focused not only on academic achievement but also on developing vital skills for use both in and out of the classroom. Pupils even learn to care for the school chickens, collecting and selling their eggs. , Ofsted found that “The school’s values are important to pupils, and they are keen to embrace everyone’s differences”. Fair and engaging systems for rewards and sanctions are in place, fostering a sense of responsibility and integrity among pupils and ensuring that students are well-prepared for life’s opportunities and challenges.


4. Morningside Primary School and Children’s Centre

Ofsted Rating: Outstanding

Morningside Primary School and Children’s Centre is both an exceptional primary school and a nursery in one, welcoming ages 2-11. In its most recent Ofsted inspection, the school was reported as ‘outstanding’ in every area. Pupils are described as having 'impeccable’ behaviour and pride in the strong values of the school. The curriculum is ambitious and academic achievements are above average thanks to highly skilled teaching. Children are encouraged to think freely and speak their minds, bolstering confidence and curiosity from day one. Outside of class, pupils are taught about mindfulness, consent, respectful debating and sustainability, all in a positive and safe environment that encourages academic success and personal growth.


5. Millfields Children's Centre

Ofsted Rating: Good

Millfields Children's Centre plays a crucial role in early childhood education in Clapton. The centre, associated with Millfields Community School, is a welcoming environment dedicated to providing high-quality early years education and varied support for families. Whether you want to try baby yoga, music and movement class or pop in to play and socialise for a while, it’s all free of charge and you can simply drop in. The focus on early childhood development, coupled with a range of services for parents and caregivers, makes Millfields Children's Centre an integral part of the community.


These schools are  unique but equally focused on fostering a love for learning, independence, empathy, and reaching for the stars from an early age. Young families in Clapton can take pride in the exceptionally well-rounded educational opportunities available in this vibrant, community-focused pocket of London.

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