Investment Area – Woolwich

Investment Area – Woolwich

The perfect location for an investment property


Woolwich is widely considered to be one of the best investment areas in London. If you’re looking to purchase a property, which is likely to see a substantial increase in the next few years, then Woolwich is your go-to destination.


The key reason behind this is Crossrail. Transport-led regeneration is the most significant factor in increasing the value of property. Crossrail will act as a real game-changer for the area.


Crossrail will see this SE18 hotspot transformed into one of the best-connected areas in South London once the Elizabeth Line is completed in December 2018. It will turn in to a commuter haven as travel times substantially decrease. To put this in to context, it currently takes you 19 minutes to travel to Canary Wharf. With the new Elizabeth Line, you can get there in eight minutes. It’s equally useful for traveling to Central London and Heathrow, as travel times will sit at 21 minutes to Bond Street (currently, 36 minutes) and 47 minutes to Heathrow (currently, one hour 25 minutes).


Outside of transport links, Woolwich is also seeing a huge amount of regeneration in the area, from public spaces to libraries. There’s a range of transformations from the regeneration of General Gordon and Beresford Squares, a large Tesco on Love Lane and a Civic Centre on Wellington Street. In the future, residents can also expect to see a new leisure centre, and the redevelopment of Spray Street and Thomas Street. These will host a cinema, as well as a variety of shops, cafes and restaurants.


If you’re after village life, then cultural newcomers such as the local farmers’ market (add link), microbrewery (Hop Stuff – add link) and the Dial Arch pub, housed in an old munitions factory (add link), are sure to satisfy. Plus, there are plans to open a Cultural Querter, co-curated by the Tower Hamlets-based performing arts company, Dash Arts (add link).


With average property prices in Woolwich outperforming the London average, plus the future transport links and regenerate, Woolwich really is one of the best investment areas in the capital.


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