Brighton Street Art Guide

Brighton Street Art Guide

Brighton is home to an eclectic art scene, full of incredible artwork and brightly coloured walls. We’ve put together a short guide on where to find some of the best street art in the City. 


1.     Trafalgar Street 

Located close to Brighton station is a collection of bold street art, including a tribute to fallen musicians by REQ and SinnaOne, as well as one of the most famous pieces, the Banksy replica of kissing policemen. 


2.     Kensington Street 

Known as graffiti alley, Kensington Street is full of buildings and houses covered in murals and eye-catching designs such as a full-length mural of a dog. 


3.     London Road 

Street art can be found anywhere in Brighton, especially on taller buildings, and London Road is no exception. Noticeable designs include the Hobgoblin pub, Presuming ED coffee house, and Africa House each of which are beautifully decorated. 


4.     North Road
Cassette lord is famous in Brighton for transforming junction boxes into works of art, and each one has been designed very differently. While these are scattered all over Brighton, North Road is a great place to spot a few well-known pieces. 

5.     Orange Row

Orange Row is packed with a range of photorealism, portraits and creative concepts painted onto the backs of houses and shops. 

6.     Regent Street 
For large murals and building sized designs, street art on Regent Street includes impressive lanterns, robotic faces and hyperrealism eyes. 


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