Public Art in Brighton

Public Art in Brighton

Around every corner in Brighton you can find incredible artwork. From urban street scenes to large jaw-dropping sculptures, we’ve rounded up some of the best public artwork in Brighton for you to explore on your daily walk.


1.     Afloat by Hamish Black

One of the most iconic sculptures in Brighton is situated on the seafront. The huge circular donut shaped bronze globe is a scientific model of how the universe may look. The centre of the sculpture allows an eye level view of our world. 

Location: Groyne on Seafront, next to the Palace Pier 

2.     Passacaglia by Charles Hadcock

The huge curved abstract sculpture situated on Brighton Beach is an eye-catching masterpiece made from recycled cast iron. Each piece is made from textured iron and collectively forms the shape of a crashing wave. 

Location: Brighton Beach (opposite Middle Street)  


3.     Twins by Charlie Hooker 

‘Twins’ is a permanent sound and light sculpture located in the heart of Churchill Square. The art sculpture is made up of two large bronze plaques which collectively use the passage of the sun across the sky to trigger sounds which emanate from the sculpture. The sound is triggered by sensors on the sculptures and rises as the sun comes up and fades at sunset. 

 Location: Churchill Square 


4.     Kiss Wall by Bruce Williams
The iconic seafront sculpture illustrates Brighton’s diverse population and celebrates equality, understanding and acceptance. The 4m vertical aluminium column sits on the seafront, designed to showcase six varying images of people kissing through the light shining through. 

Location: Brighton Seafront 


5.     AIDS Memorial Sculpture by Romany Mark Bruce
The cast bronze sculpture is an eye-catching four metres high and is a depiction of two intertwined figures soaring up to the sky. The sculpture forms a shadow in the shape of the red ribbon which is the international symbol for HIV/AIDS awareness. 

Location: New Steine Gardens

6.     Trafalgar Street – Street Art

It wouldn’t be a Brighton Art guide without mentioning the eclectic street art which fills every street. While you can find masterpiece on every corner, particular areas to check out for Street Art are Trafalgar square, London Road and Kensington Street. 

Location: City Centre 

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