Top cultural attractions in South East London

Top cultural attractions in South East London

South East London has long been renowned for its rich and diverse arts and culture scene. From galleries showcasing emerging artists to captivating theatrical performances and inspiring festivals, this dynamic corner of the city is a hub of creativity and one of the best places for culture vultures of all kinds.

Discover our overview of the wonderful local galleries, exhibitions, theatres, and upcoming festivals that make South East London a go-to for cultural attractions right now.


1.     Galleries:

South East London is a treasure trove for art enthusiasts, boasting a vibrant and eclectic gallery scene with everything from world-renowned institutions to more intimate, independent spaces with emerging artists’ work.

The Tate Modern: Those fortunate enough to share a post code with the iconic Tate Modern can discover some of the very best of international modern and contemporary art as well as a diverse schedule of cutting-edge exhibitions.

South London Gallery: For something different and on a smaller scale, the South London Gallery in Camberwell focuses on contemporary art from both established and emerging artists. It is known for its thought-provoking exhibitions that that engage with social and political issues.

The Sunday Painter: For those seeking a more experimental and niche experience, The Sunday Painter in Peckham is a hidden gem worth exploring. This dynamic gallery represents emerging and mid-career artists, offering a fresh perspective on contemporary art. With its ever-changing exhibition program, The Sunday Painter invites visitors to discover new talents and push the boundaries of artistic expression.

Hayward Gallery: Known for its groundbreaking exhibitions covering a wide range of artistic disciplines, including painting, sculpture, photography, and installation art, the Hayward Gallery is a leading contemporary art space located on the South Bank and is another unmissable destination for art enthusiasts in the area.

2.     Theatres

One of the major perks of living in a vibrant city like London is access to a wide variety of performance art, and South East London has some enviable examples.

The Old Vic: A true gem of the South East London theatre scene, The Old Vic in Waterloo is renowned for its hot tickets. Productions range from classic plays to contemporary works, and the historic theatre offers a diverse program that appeals to theatre lovers of all tastes and ages.

Greenwich Theatre: Located in the heart of Greenwich, this intimate theatre presents a varied repertoire, including drama, comedy, musicals, and family-friendly productions. With its strong focus on community engagement, the Greenwich Theatre actively nurtures local talent and hosts workshops and events for local enthusiasts to get involved in.


3.     Upcoming Festivals

Summer in London screams festivals, whether it is focused on music, food, comedy or a bit of everything. In the dynamic South East, this summer is set to be full of exciting festival experiences.

Bermondsey Street Festival: Celebrating the creative spirit of the Bermondsey community, this annual festival showcases local artists, performers, and businesses. With live music, art exhibitions, street food, and family activities, the Bermondsey Street Festival offers a vibrant day out for all.

Peckham Festival: Known for its eclectic and inclusive atmosphere, the Peckham Festival brings together artists, makers, and performers from the local community. This three-day event features art installations, live music, workshops, and open studios, providing an immersive experience of Peckham's vibrant cultural scene.

From art exhibitions and live performances to festivals and community events, this corner of the city is a melting pot of creativity and cultural expression. Combined with its easy links to the rest of London and beyond, extensive eating, drinking and shopping options and a range of green spaces to retreat to, it’s no wonder so many people look to buy their own place in South East London.

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